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flox config command


flox-config - configure user parameters


flox [ <general-options> ] config [ (–list|-l) ] [ (–confirm|-c) ] [ (–reset|-r) ] # DESCRIPTION

Configure and/or display user-specific parameters.


General Options

Many flox commands wrap Nix commands of the same name, and will correspondingly pass on options and arguments directly to the underlying nix invocation. For more information on the options supported by specific Nix commands please invoke flox nix <command> help.

The following options are used specifically by flox and must be specified before the <command> argument.

-v, --verbose
Verbose mode. Invoke multiple times for increasing detail.

Debug mode. Invoke multiple times for increasing detail.

-V, --version
Print flox version.

Print flox installation prefix / Nix store path. (flox internal use only.)

Force execution in flox-bash (flox internal use only.)

Development Options

The following options are supported by all Development Commands:

[(-A|--attr) <package>]
Selects package (aka “attrPath”) to be used. If not provided flox will prompt for you to select from the list of known packages.

[--stability <stability>]
Selects the set of nixpkgs to be used as a basis

Config Options

[ (--list|-l) ]
List the current values of all configurable parameters.

[ (--confirm|-c) ]
Prompt the user to confirm or update configurable parameters.

[ (--reset|-r) ] : Reset all configurable parameters to their default values without further confirmation.

[ --set <key> <value> ] : Set <key> = <value> for string values

[ --setNumber <key> <value> ] : Set <key> = <value> for number values

[ --delete <key> ] : Reset the value for <key> to its default